Gym in The Summer Course starting 6th August 2018


 Gym in the Summer

2018 SUMMER HOLIDAY GYM COURSE - Classes for Boys and Girls


Beginners 1                                                          5-7yrs - £65 per week 1 hours, Mon – Fri

Beginners 2                                                          7-9yrs - £65 per week 1 hours, Mon – Fri

Intermediate/Advanced 9yrs+                                9yrs+ - £100 per week 2 hours, Mon – Fri


Lessons are held in our three large, fully equipped gyms. Children should wear light, stretchy clothing with hair tied back off the face. No jewellery, shoes or socks to be worn. You must register your child at each class. You may wait on the premises but the club rules should be adhered to at all times. Please collect your child promptly at the end of the lesson from inside the premises. You may bring a drink for your child but water is available. Please check availability by contacting us before returning the completed booking form with payment.