Corona Virus Update for our Club 28th July 2020


Protocols for safely returning to gymnastics.



We have put together this information to help you as parents, help us to keep your children and our staff safe during this difficult time. We are very pleased that the Government and British Gymnastics have announced that we are able to re-open. We have everything in place for opening on 3rd August 2020.

As I am sure you realise there have been many adjustments we have needed to make in order that we comply with both the Government and British Gymnastics Guidelines. Whilst social distancing regulations are in place we will not be able to have parents waiting in reception or on the balcony.

Please make sure that you all adhere to the rules, which are designed to ensure your child’s safety as failure to follow these rules will result in suspension of gymnastic classes and Club closure.

Prior to leaving home

  1. Please check your child’s temperature and ensure he/she is well and has no symptoms. The average body temperatures based on age are estimated as:
  • Babies and children. In babies and children, the average body temperature ranges from 97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.8°C).
  • Among adults, the average body temperature ranges from 97°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.8°C).

If anyone else has any Covid Symptoms then please do not bring your child into the Club. If your child or anyone in the house has symptoms please either ring the Club on 01372 377718 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and inform us immediately. Your child’s place will remain open for when the isolation period is over. You will need everyone in the household to be tested as soon as possible and follow the “Track and Trace” guidelines. Please advise us of the test results as soon as possible. We will need to inform the authorities of any other gymnasts that are in your child’s gymnastics bubble.

  1. Please ensure that your child arrives in their gym kit ready to train. If the weather is cold then any outer clothing is to be taken away as we will not be able to use changing rooms at this present time. Please can you provide your child with a named drawstring bag in which they can keep their shoes (please wear slip on shoes, sliders or flip flops), named water bottle (as the water fountains will NOT be available), and socks (for trampolining) in, this will need to be kept near them as they move around the gym. For squad gymnasts who need chalk, spray, hand guards, weights etc. please have these in a small drawstring bag that they can carry around the gym with them.

Gymnasts must not share chalk therefore we suggest that you purchase a large plastic bag in order keep chalk in, and chalk their hands in the bag, this can be named and will reduce spillages.

  1. Toilets facilities will be restricted to one person at a time, please ask your child to go to the toilet before you leave home. In order to maintain hygiene we ask that if the child does need to go to the toilet they wipe the toilet seat with an antibacterial wipe before and after use and put the wipe into the bin provided (not in the toilet).Please explain and demonstrate this procedure to your child so that they understand.

Arrival at the Club

Please park in the Car Park and accompany your child to the gym. Do NOT drop your child in the drop zone. This is for everyone’s safety, there will be people queuing behind the bollards.

For General classes please go to the main entrance (on Thursday or Saturday if you are allocated gym 3 entrance you will need to go down the side entrance/exit we will confirm this to you). We have put social distancing spots on the pavement to queue outside and ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your class time, one adult may go in to register your child, your child will have their temperature taken and if for any reason it is above the normal range you will have to take your child home. We ask that you leave promptly with your child’s outer clothes once this has taken place.

Class sizes have been reduced so this should be a quick process as the coach will sign your child in to reduce contact with different people. We cannot allow late comers under any circumstances for Health & Safety reasons.

General Classes

In order to comply with current guidelines the children have been split into groups (bubbles) of 5 gymnasts to 1 coach and they will stay with this coach each week to avoid unnecessary mixing. We are initially opening with a total of 15 gymnasts in each of the gyms, although there will be movement between apparatus, social distancing will still be adhered to. Some of the coaches may wear face masks, your child will be asked to use the hand sanitiser before each class and on each piece of apparatus. They will notice that covers have been made for any equipment that was suede so that it can be wiped down between each bubble. At the moment coaches are unable to support gymnasts so some of the equipment such as high beams and bars will not be in use.

Please remember to make payment by BACS transfer and ensure you use the bank details and reference given on the enrolment form. Reception will not be open in August as the staff will still be on furlough until September, therefore payment must be made before you attend the first class. The coaches will receive confirmation that you have paid and if payment has not been received before 3pm on the day of your child’s class your child will unfortunately not be allowed in the gym. Please ensure your child brings their payment form with them when they arrive for their first class and hands to the coach that signs them in.



Squad Gymnasts

Please go to your allocated side entrance, please use the social distancing spots and as you come in your child’s temperature will be taken, and if for any reason it is above the normal range you will have to take your child home. Please do not bring huge bags with you and arrive ready to train where possible. The changing rooms are out of bounds so anything you bring with you will need to follow you around the gym and we want to avoid unnecessary trip hazards.

Your child’s squad may have been split in order to maintain social distancing guidelines of 5 gymnasts to 1 coach bubbles. As regulations change we will update you as to any changes. Gymnasts will need to stay in their bubbles and will need to use hand sanitiser before each go on apparatus.

Pre School Gymnasts/Parents

Please come to the main entrance and use the social distancing spots to queue up to enter the gym. Only one parent/carer can attend with the child. Both parent and child will have their temperature taken, and if for any reason it is above the normal range you will have to take your child home. Please do not bring huge bags with you and arrive ready to train where possible. The changing rooms are out of bounds so if you can bring a bag to place all your items in that would be appreciated ideally if you could have slip on shoes this will make it quicker. All members will be asked to anti-bac on arrival and when moving from one piece of apparatus to another.


After the class please arrive promptly (but not more than 10 minutes before the finishing time of your child’s class) to collect your child from their allocated entrance/exit. It order that we keep to the correct numbers for social distancing please do not be late. Please do not come into the building but use the social distancing spots to wait on. We will bring the children to the exit door, in order that we have the area clear ready for the next class to arrive please do not hang around, the coaches will need to clean down equipment between each class so if you would like feedback on your child’s progress please email in and we will respond.

Please note that there are roadworks on Waterway Road and the road is closed you can still get to the gym from the Leatherhead side but will need to follow the diversion signs which will direct you through the bottom of Leatherhead and over the small bridge.

Thank you for your support we are so looking forward to welcoming you all back.