Press Release: Surrey Floor & Vault Teams Championships 2016

Over 100 gymnasts from Leatherhead & Dorking Gymnastics Club took part in the Surrey Floor & Vault Teams Championships at The Guildford Spectrum winning 4 Gold ,4 Silver and 5 Bronze Team Medal.

In total 38 gymnasts from the club received medals from the competition.

The team gold medal winners were Annabel Whitehouse ,Hope Cowan ,Tegan May Kirby ,Holly Haverson, Alex Rugina , Chaerim Park ,Harry Evans , Henry Littell ,Rebecca Thomas ,Olivia Wills ,Emma Lacourarie and Christina Lewis. . All the gymnasts participate in the clubs general gymnastics classes training a maximum of three hours per week coached by Jane Redgwell, Kevin Littell, Dawn Leach and Dianne Heelas. The competition is a important part of the training ,development and competition programme for general gymnastics providing the opportunity for young gymnasts to participate in competitions linked to their skills and ability.

General Gymnastics is the foundation and stepping stone for gymnasts of all ages and ability. The club holds classes every day (except Sunday) from beginner to advance and for children with disabilities..Pre school and Kind Gym classes are also held every weekday morning and afternoon for children from 18 months to 4 years. Mnay of the pre school children then move into the general gymnastics classes programme.