General Gymnastics

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Our General Gymnastics classes provide a progressive and fun journey through recreational gymnastics. General Gymnastics allows children to expereince a wide range of activities, whilst developing fundamental movements and gymnastics skills. We have our own badge progression scheme, where gymnasts can progress through our Top Gym Awards. This occurs once a term to show their progress throughout the term.
Our classes are structured into 3 ability levels:
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
Coaches regularly monitor gymnasts and will advise when gymnasts are ready to move class. Badge progression does not determine when gymnasts are ready to move class. Please do not worry if gymnasts miss a badge progression session as coaches are regularly monitoring.
Children are grouped by age within all classes. We have 4 groups per class which is split into Blue, Yellow, Green and Red to allow coaches to follow our colour coded apparatus timetable.
We have one invite only general class:
County Boys class.
County Boys class is for boys over 9. They are a floor and vault group who compete within the county.
Please note these classes are invitation only. Gymnasts will be spotted by our coaches and invited for a trial.


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